//8.8oz Bag of Coffee
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8.8oz Bag of Coffee


100% Arabica Colombian Coffee, blends of Castillo-Caturra.

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Product Description

Colombian coffee has an excellent reputation in international markets due to its high quality and unique attributes. Juama Coffee Company provides to its customers a top quality coffee from the land of 100% Arabica coffee. Our coffee fields are located at 16 miles away from the Cerro Machin Volcano, an active volcano at rest in the Tolima, Department of Colombia.The volcanic soil and the high altitude result in an excellent environment conditions which provides additional attributes to our coffee. Juama Coffee fields provide an outstanding Colombian coffee that has a medium/high acidity and body, clean taste, and full aroma.

Juama Coffee Company works with the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation and participates in the 100% Colombian Coffee Program to guarantee its coffee consumers the sustainability practices and authenticity of Juama Coffee products.

How to Brew

Start with fresh, filtered water. Use 2 tablespoons ground coffee to 6 oz. water. To adjust the strength, simply add more hot water to the already brewed coffee.

Additional Information

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